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My learned Brethren....

I'm going to be giving a presentation on the Master-Slave Morality in a Moral Problem class.

The class is an intro level (104) and most of the students are freshman with little knowledge of philosophy in general, and I doubt anything more than a pop culture representation of Nietzsche.

The presentation is going to be about 10-20 minutes, and my professor wants me to link a film to the readings. The readings are very small however, only 12 pages total. It begins with the Aphorism of the Madman in The Gay Science who cries out about the Death of God. Then a few pages on What is Noble and then a few pages from Beyond Good and Evil, ending with two or three Paragraphs from The Anti-Christ (The first paragraphs too, I believe)

As a sketch, I have prepared to talk about:

Death of God--Destruction of Morality (though not neccesarily of ethics)
Elitism--N believed in a Hierarchy. ("Men are essentially unequal.") Nobles were near top--Overman was at the top. But I worry since the Overman isn't even talked about in the readings, I may just confuse my students.

Master Morality: Creative, self-centered, proud
Slave Morality: Reactionary, other-centered, disgraced

Christianity was weak because it was Slave-Morality. It turned the other cheek and did not boldly assert its power.

I'm really grasping at straws for a film clip. Philosophy in film is hard enough, but N in film seems near impossible.

Any advice?
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