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a genuine question/answer

I should first say, this question should well be unanswerable, but i am interrested in hearing a few fresh opinions about it.

so, without further ado.

(while im sure this question has been asked before)

Dionysian pessimism, suppossed to liberate us entirely from our ressentment/romantic pessimism, so that we can continue to discharge our will to power even in the face of (i love the way this sentence is sounding-please ignore this comment in the brackets-i simply cannot help myself) our pasts or what we may or may not think is the big picture of those things which effect or have effected us.That we continue to effect ourselves.(im sure i said enough when i said will to power, take no notice of the connotations of discharge).

My question is on the over-man, and werther or not he would supposedly overcome(i apollogise-i am clearly full of pun-esk wording today) even this pessimism, to be able to excersise his will to power anywhere/everywhere?

Some of you may think i am missing the point here, "dionysian pessimism is sufficient" you say. but to illustriate my point i will offer another interpretation of dionysian pessimism - that of the pessemism of the dionysian, that well-known formula of leaving that which is out of your hands out of your hands.

And i shall end this shortly, so as not to detract too heavily from the request for your opinions, rather than present you with a sacrificial animal, the sight of the blood of which i suspect you would not be able to resist.

And it is the connection between money and power(obviously), which ammounts to the rich having a million hands, and the poor having two(if lucky, ). And the question that if we must have democracy, must we have this kind of democracy?
where it is not an abundence of anything but money and greed that are required to qualify?

while a true abundence of will to power, of the true organising, life ordering, body making principle....that carries with it above all, not prudence or greed, but health!

so, without further ado, i await opinions on my question about the overman being able to overcome dionysian pessimism? (of which my example is but a potential example)

not succumbing to hopeless romantisicm for the loss of an expected future, nor being limited to taking meaning only from that which is at hand and being in the dionysian state of the continual be-coming,

but almost of a practising of cleanliness of the wills, a tremendous swelling of energy of all kinds, in preperation for a becoming the likes of which....
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