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emotional keys to self overcoming

jungs' archytypes are forces to be set in relation with and against one another in an effort to undermine the emotional inbalence that brings about psychosis. the idea is pressumably that the concepts therin can be clinicaly or sophisticatedly manipulated from without so as to reverse an individuals perspective on themselves or their situation.

but this active process of willingly rearranging myths for a person, though a relativists dream come true, does not restore control to the person. but rather sublimates them through the myth itself into a particular standpoint. it increases one area of their emotional ressonance, but does it not neccessarily create a polarity from the alternative ressonance?

not just from the polar emotional state, but concievably from the polar relation of archytypes. in otherwords, they become entrenched in a system of good and evil.

precisely by the cementing of the emotions within the frame of archytypes.

and yet, by the will to power, nietzsche id not mean to provide us with an emotional key...or did he?

if he did, it is one designed only to overcome resentment and nothing more, and if he didnt, then what the will to power means is something else entirely. something of the very nature of emotional action towards revealing truth/revealing falsities to be on some other grounds entirely.

and that the expanse of your own a potentialy ceaseless process, so long as one does not confuse your grounds with external definitions. this too is presumably the intended meaning of heideggers contemplation of nothing. seeking to deny emotional keys all together, and yet if everything is the will-to-power, contemplation of nothing, seems, nonsensensical. infact the very idea of nothing, when requiring of a specific absense of a fruit of a specific will, could be merely a sublimation of resentiment, and by no means freedom from it.
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