ssssssssssssssss (suprdialect) wrote in thspaknietzsche,

eternal reoccurance

Ok, I am to live life as if I would have to do it all over again, just keep going on and on and on.  I will consider a few ground rules for living life.

1. Never ask questions that have only one answer.  For it will be quite boring to hear for all eternity something that only needed to be said once.  Probably best not to answer questions at all.  Unless you expect the answer to be a quite funny quip.  Especially one that is funny on several levels.  Especially one that makes fun of the fact that you have heard the joke so many times.  Like when someone says knock-knock jokes ironically.  God that never gets old.

2.  Don't think that it is like ground-hog day, remember YOU have to live the same life, if you commit suicide and it looks lame, it will continue to look lame for all eternity.  But then again if you do commit a really cool suicide, then everyone will be thinking that you must have a lot of balls to jump off a building in flames shooting grenades at your feet, and you are doing this for over a million times.  For all eternity. 

3. Don't move your lips mocking when others talk.  NO one likes that.  It is like quoting Shrek.

4.  Don't say goodbye when you die, because that will get old.  Instead become a total prick near the end of your life, because then they won't miss you when you leave, and when you come back they'll say, "oh, he's not a prick anymore" and they'll be really happy to see you.
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