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Илья Храбров

Poesophy. part. 2



The will is authority above itself,

the authority is will above others.

The will recovers a direction,

and doing the world destiny,

freedom of destiny in the world-

the will inspires in a pressure.

The duty as the center of will -  Good Honour,

freedom as the center of a duty – The good Gospel’s message.

The reason is a duty a measure,

a belief is a freedom’s share,

outside of reason will -belief,

but in reason belief - will.






The authority

The authority this aspiration of force,

will is force of aspiration -

force releases will.

The law of freedom a criterion,

and imperous will forces the expression,

regulate the will under authority.

Authority through value - possession,

value through authority - management.

The order bears authority to people,

people aspires to run into the chaos.

Outside of authority the will is freedom,

but without freedom will - authority.





Money it is a crack,

between authority and freedom -

the authority in money is released.

Incomes for money the purpose,

means for authority - charges,

in authority of money are enthralled.

The price as weight of cost – to finance,

The cost as weight of the price – to Invest.

The price of freedom - the sum of all money

 and cost – zero of nothing.

The purpose of money to save up authority to itself,

the purpose of authority to save up another of money.





The kind  is a pardons consequence,

love the reason of pardon-

it  fondle to an evil.

The evil  is a  revenge’s action,

hate is  the reason of the revenge-

it is indifferent to kind.

Kind as means of a revenge – evil,

evil  as means of clarification - goods.

We come to following true –

in a pardon kindly and a victim  one:

outside of a pardon kindly - unselfishness,

but in a victim unselfishness - kind.




True is a of all points of view

a mirror curve,

the truth and lie in it are deformed:

the first turns in exact

a mirror reflected second –

the true arising revives.

If the reflected truth - the validity,

the reflected lie – the  visibility.

True in moral meaning,

only as the love sensed:

outside of true the truth - error,

but sincerity in the truth -  true.



A space is a hole

among themselves and infinity.

External in a hole fails,

and with internal becoming enen

by  eternity - the space extends.

Inside of a thing space - materiality,

outside of a thing space - importance.

In time space that,

as soul in eternity an empire –

in space emptiness - nothing,

but time as a nothing -  space.




Nothing is not something,

really or probably,

in being transcendentally exist.

Being absent itself in eternal,

reflects existence in false,

denying itself attracting.

Nothing as essence of denying - darkness,

nothing as denying of essence - emptiness.

If the border is reflection

of finiteness in eternity:

time as essence is change,

but time as existence - nothing.





Being is a presence of everything,

at forms of the limited matter,

and at the maintenance of ideal infinity.

The knowledge defines being

as a reality in four measurements

existing between nothing and eternity.

The God without being - everything,

all without the God - nothing.

The eternity is true outside of duration

of the nature that, existing, does not live.

The Universe as essence is the validity,

 the nature as the existence – being.





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